As the interaction with linguistically-diverse groups increases, businesses are compelled to deliver services in the language that is best understood by their target audiences, including consumers and employees. Whether the need involves an employee seminar, translation of insurance documents or employee manuals, or having a simultaneous translator present at an event, we can assign a certified translator or interpreter to facilitate your business communication needs. In many cases, the national origin of the translator or interpreter can be matched to the national origin of the target audience. Focus groups can also be conducted to ensure that the translated documents are actually understood by the intended audiences, a frequently overlooked issue by clients.

Currently, we are able to provide translations services for the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese

Companies cannot afford to overlook the linguistic needs of their customers or employees in today’s diverse environment, which creates significant legal exposure when injuries or miscommunications arise from the failure to provide important documents in the language that is best understood by customers and employees. Relying on ethnic employees with unknown language skills is also a common mistake.

Following are some areas where our translation services have been utilized:

  • Documents: employee manuals, insurance and legal forms, advertisements
  • Videos: employee training, sales, product demos
  • Web sites: web pages, relevance and comprehension among different ethnic groups
  • Conferences/seminars: simultaneous translation for linguistically-diverse audiences

Call us the next time you have a need for translation services. You will take more comfort in knowing that the job was done professionally by experts who know what they’re doing.