Unique Capability

We appreciate your taking a few minutes to visit our web site today, and would like to share five important reasons that you should consider Rincon & Associates LLC as your partner for multicultural research.

Experience: We are not new to the multicultural research industry and bring 33 years of experience in conducting studies for a broad variety of clientele. Just check out our “Experience” section to see the many companies that have trusted us with their multicultural research needs.

The Right Credentials: We are professionals with advanced degrees in quantitative and qualitative research, statistics, and sampling theory and have taught university coursework in these areas. There is no need for compromises with Rincon & Associates.

Recognition: As a review of our presentations, newsroom and publications sections will show, many trade journals and industry publications have quoted our research or perspectives on multicultural trends, while we have also made presentations to a variety of advertising, marketing and research organizations.

Innovation: We have developed a unique multicultural survey response system called SERENITY, an iPhone and iPad app that delivers current Census data to your fingertips called Populus USA, and a Test of Latino Culture that that measures knowledge of U.S. Latinos.  These productivity tools were designed yp facilitate the design and execution of studies that are targeted to multicultural populations.

Owned and operated in the U.S. by multicultural experts: We own and operate our own research facility in Dallas, Texas, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art interviewing center, and staffed by multicultural and multilingual staff. None of the studies that we conduct for our clients is ever out-sourced to a research provider in another country, which can compromise data security and validity. We are also certified as a minority-owned firm, a definite asset for studies that are funded by government agencies.

We are also proud of the following key accomplishments in the multicultural industry:

  • Conducted the first multicultural automotive study for one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the U.S. (2007)
  • Conducted the first multicultural consumer study in Dallas/Ft. Worth (2008)
  • Conducted the first study of U.S. Hispanic audiences that challenged the Nielsen’s Hispanic television ratings (2004) and received extensive national news coverage
  • Introduced the first Hispanic marketing course at the SMU Cox School of Business (2006)

Again, thanks for taking the time to review our web site today, and we look forward to the opportunity of addressing your multicultural research needs in the near future.

Edward T. Rincón, Ph.D.