Survey Research

Well-designed quantitative studies can provide strategic information about the competitive marketplace. At Rincon & Associates LLC, careful and expert attention is devoted to all aspects of a quantitative study, incuding the sample design, questionnaire design, field interviewing, data preparation and analysis, and presentation of the study findings. More importantly, we will ensure that the methodology minimizes common sources of bias that tend to under-estimate or over-estimate statistical indicators for racial/ethnic groups, such as sampling biases, biases in the interviewing instruments, interviewer bias, and analytic biases that result from the incorrect use of sampling weights. Some common applications for survey research studies that we have conducted follow:

  • Awareness and usage
  • Corporate imagery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market segmentation
  • Market feasibility
  • Site location analysis
  • Audience profiles
  • Campaign evaluations
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Litigation surveys

The following information describes our current capability for designing and executing quantitative studies. All survey work is conducted completely in-house and never out-sourced to other firms.

Sampling Support
  • Sample design customized to study objectives
  • Utilize client-provided lists or professional sampling shops like STS or SSI
  • Random digit dialed (RDD), listed and hybrid procedures used to select random samples
  • Studies include sample disposition reports
  • Sampling statistician on staff for complex sampling designs and weighting
Questionnaire Design
  • Design questionnaires to the exact client specifications
  • Translate questionnaires
  • Ensure cultural and linguistic relevance of survey instruments
Data Collection Services
  • 20-station web-based CATI system
  • 100% editing during interviewing shift
  • Listed, wireless and RDD samples
  • Spanish and Asian-surnamed samples
  • Interviewing in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean languages
  • Developed the SERENITY® — our multi-modal, multilingual survey response system that  ensures complete penetration of sampled households using multiple methods of data collection and multiple languages. Click on the following link to listen to an 8-minute presentation about  this innovative system:
  • To remain in compliance with the new Telephone and Communications Privacy Act (TCPA) regulations, all telephone interviews are dialed manually by our interviewing team.  We do not use any type of equipment or software that can be described as an autodialer.
Data Processing and Analysis
  • Data entry
  • Consistency checks, error checking
  • Coding open-ended questions
  • Translation of verbatim responses into English
  • Mathematical weights applied when appropriate
  • Stub and banner tabulations
  • Multivariate analyses such as discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, conjoint analysis, factor analysis and other procedures
  • Interpretive, analytic reports
  • Includes color charts
  • Detailed methodology
  • Recommendations for marketing strategy
  • Presentation of findings to client using Power Point