Direct Mail

There are numerous direct mail alternatives available to marketers in the U.S.; however, the quality of the databases varies tremendously and can lead to poor targeting and significant losses in postage. The quality and scope of our U.S. residential database is excellent since it is updated monthly with the National Change of Address (NCOA) file from the U.S. Post Office, and reported by two or more sources. This means that clients are assured that new residents will be included in their targeting efforts, and that changed addresses will be deleted or updated.

In addition, households can be targeted by Spanish and Asian surnames, household income, age, and other demographic characteristics down to the zipcode, census tract, county, and state levels. The residential lists are available in a variety of formats, including printed reports, pressure-sensitive and cheshire labels, and computer formats.To plan your direct mail project, we can provide updated counts of the households you are planning to target as well as a cost quotation, which requires a minimum order of 5,000 residences.

If you are planning a direct mail project to a special segment of the population, we can assist you in statistically “modeling” a strategy that will maximize your chances of finding the right consumer for your product or service.

To get a specific cost quotation for a project, it would be helpful to have the following information available when you contact us:

Geographic area: zipcode, census tract, county, state
Profile of targeted consumer: race, age, income, homeowners, etc.
Frequency of usage for list: One time or repeated use
Type of product/see being offered to targeted consumer
Format desired: pressure-sensitive or cheshire labels, computer file, telemarketing report.
In most cases, we can get you a cost quotation within one day of the request. Electronic files can be sent by e-mail on the same day while other formats can be sent by FedEx overnight.