Qualitative Research

When a timeline is critical, our Qualitative Research Division is prepared to get the job done on schedule. We utilize a network of focus group facilities throughout the U.S. to support our qualitative projects. In most cases, our multi-lingual recruitment staff will conduct the recruitment of all participants utilizing multiple sources. Moreover, clients can expect the following first-class services and equipment to meet all of their qualitative research needs, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, shop-alongs, and ethnographic research.

Project Management: Our 37 years of experience in managing qualitative research projects ensures that special attention will be devoted to all project details and that all logistics will get done right the first time. We have considerable experience in managing multi-site projects.

Design of Screener: Because the type of participant that you need for the qualitative study directly impacts the recruitment costs, we devote much attention to ensuring that the screening criteria are clear and realistic given the expected incidences that we have experienced with selected demographic groups.

Design of Discussion Guide or Interviewing Protocol: We will guide you through the design of the discussion guide or interviewing questionnaire to ensure that all of your marketing questions are being addressed, that relevant copy and exhibits are in place, and that the moderator or interviewer fully understands your objectives.

Recruitment: We utilize a comprehensive set of resources to identify the consumer that you desire, including our in-house database, community churches, schools, chambers of commerce, and U.S. residential lists. We take special care to ensure the best show rates by identifying problem addresses and telephone numbers, sending invitation letters in the appropriate language, providing clearly designed maps to the research facility, conducting confirmation calls, and replacing last-minute cancellations.

Our recruiters have successfully recruited the following groups:

  • Hispanics
  • Asians
  • African-Americans
  • General market
  • Senior citizens
  • College students
  • Teens
  • Children
  • Business and civic leaders
  • Recent immigrants

Facility Management: When you arrive at the research facility, the hostesses will already know who you are, have your dinner menu ready, and ensure that any special needs have been addressed.

Moderators and Professional Interviewers: Only experienced, professional moderators and interviewers will be assigned to your qualitative project. Moderators and interviewers usually arrive one hour before the first session and consult with the client to clarify any final points about the copy or products being evaluated and the general flow of the discussion or interviewing guide. The assigned moderator or interviewer will also ensure that all of the materials and equipment for the project are in place. We can provide moderators and interviewers for groups in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean languages.

Simultaneous Translators: We will provide simultaneous translators to ensure that English-speaking clients can seamlessly follow the discussion with the help of special listening equipment.

Audio and Video Capture: Audio taping is a standard service for all qualitative projects, while digital audio is optional. The options for video capture, however, are several. Traditional video-taping is the default with DVD available on request. Video-conferencing and Internet video streaming are additional options at many locations. When needed, we can ensure that both the native and English-language discussions are recorded on the video option selected.

Transcriptions: A verbatim transcription of the qualitative discussion can be prepared within a few days following the session.

Written Reports: The written report for qualitative projects are offered in two formats: top-line and detailed. The top-line report is written for the decision-maker who needs a summary of the study findings within a few days, while the detailed report requires more analytic time since it incorporates participant verbatims in the analysis. Reports are professionally written and incorporate recommendations for marketing strategy. Optionally, a Power Point presentation can be designed to capture the study outcomes as well.

Mobile Focus Groups:  If it often the case that a focus group project needs to be conducted in a community that does not have a professional focus group facility, or a client prefers to use a meeting place that is closer to the consumers of interest.  In such situations, we are ready to make the logistical arrangements with a local hotel or community center, bring the necessary video and audio equipment, and arrange for meals for both clients and the focus group participants.  In some cases, streaming video may also be provided.