Company Overview

The growth of multicultural consumers has accelerated the demand for measurement services that accurately assess the need for differentiated marketing strategies. Although some companies appear indifferent to the need to research their multicultural campaigns, many others have discovered that it is the only way to evaluate their investment.

The increased demand for research has also led to a corresponding increase in the number of research companies that specialize in analyzing multicultural consumers – many touting their bilingual capabilities and expanded interviewing facilities. Expertise in measuring multicultural consumers, however, requires more than just the ability to collect data. The preoccupation with data collection capabilities often leads to poorly designed studies that overlook biased sampling procedures or statistical analyses that fail to capture the complexities of the behavior that is being measured.

Rincon & Associates LLC understands the linguistic and cultural nuances that render traditional measurement activities less useful for today’s marketing decisions. Unlike many companies that just arrived on the scene, we have been studying multicultural consumers for over 30 years for major corporations who were ready to invest in customized research designed by experts that understand the cultural and linguistic nuances of these segments and – just as importantly — the statistical science that translates research into sound marketing decisions.